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Functional Shower Room Conversions

So you’ve had enough of the old-fashioned shower and decided it’s time to give your bathroom a functional makeover, without having to knock out all of the features that make it what it is. Functionality is essential if you’re going to get the most enjoyment out of your bathroom, so why not take the chance and do a bathroom conversion. It’ll add value to your home as well as giving it a stylish modern look. But what should you keep in mind when considering functional shower conversions? Here are five tips that may help.

Firstly, think about how much room you have. While this isn’t always an issue, as baths are generally fairly small, you should make sure there’s enough room for your new shower before you start. Measure from the floor to the highest wall, including any surrounding walls, and add a few inches onto that measurement, for an overall measure of the room. This will give you a good idea of the size you need to work with when making your bathroom conversion. If your bathroom is long and narrow, you’ll need to go for a different size than if it’s wide.

Second, consider how many shower heads you’ll need to accommodate. This is one of the trickiest aspects of functional shower room conversions – particularly if you’re converting an older bathroom. Often the only available shower head is the freestanding bath. While this is perfectly acceptable, bear in mind that other fixtures such as soap dishes and towel racks may be more suitable. A shower stall or shower cupboard can solve the problem beautifully.

Thirdly, think about how much space you have available for the installation. Unless you’re an expert, you’re likely to struggle here. Make sure you use all the space you have, by ensuring you buy the correct showering system for the space you have available. For instance, if you have plenty of wall space but no other cabinets, you’ll need to install a shower surround that fits snugly into the empty space. This provides for an easy to clean shower that also doubles up as a storage space for toiletries.

Lastly, think about the aesthetics of the conversion. Some people will be critical and rightfully so, but unless the change is something you’re really proud of, don’t take it too personally. Remember that the goal is to improve functionality, not to make a statement about your personality. It’s important that you match the new functional shower fixtures with your existing bathroom design. You might have to downgrade the rest of the fittings but make sure you keep your shower curtains stylish! Whatever you do, remember that this process is one that requires patience and planning – so enjoy it while you can!

Before embarking on a functional shower room conversion, it’s important to check the building regulations in your area carefully. Not all alterations are allowed and some require planning permission. In fact, you should do your research thoroughly first and get professional advice from a qualified plumber. Remember to leave lots of time before any work begins, and once everything is installed you’ll be glad you took the time to make your bathroom look great. For more details on bathroom remodeling visit a shower remodeling professional or visit Milwaukee Bath and Shower.

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Bathroom Remodel Idea- Make Your Bathroom Look Better

A few years back, I was talking to a contractor about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. The question I asked him was if I could get the same look in my bathroom with a few changes that would be relatively cheap compared to some other bathrooms in the area. He told me that I could but that it would take a very long time and it would also have to be done very professionally.

After doing research and talking to different bathroom remodel contractor, I think I found a very clever bathroom remodel idea. I am going to take this moment to talk about a new sink and faucet that will give my bathroom a much more updated look. The faucet will replace the sink and the shower heads are already in my new bathroom and I did not even spend a lot of money on them. I simply took off the old ones and bought these new, stylish ones. The best part is I was able to do all this while spending less money than I would have spent on the rest of my bathroom renovation.

Another bathroom remodel idea is to add new countertops to my bathroom. I love my granite countertops and this will make me think of a great way to spruce up the bathroom. This particular vanity unit will go right into the kitchen so that I don’t need to purchase a separate vanity unit for my bathroom. This will make this bathroom remodel idea really effective because I will not have to look for a cabinet or even a new countertop.

A bathroom remodel idea that I stumbled upon was updating the hardware of my bathroom. While this is not a big deal in a small bathroom, it can become quite the chore in a larger bathroom. By simply changing a few things here and there, you can change the feel of your bathroom in a snap.

A third bathroom remodel idea that I am going to share with you today is to replace all of my mirrors with high-end, flat panel LCD displays. These displays will make your bathroom look like a hospital room. The display will be placed on one wall in my bathroom. It will be the focal point of my bathroom. Every time I see it, I will be reminded of my sinuses.

These three bathroom remodel ideas are all pretty simple and don’t require much work on your part. You might want to do one of them if you’re tired of looking at your worn bathroom curtains. Or maybe you are tired of constantly having to dust your ceramic tile floor. No matter what your bathroom needs, there is a bathroom remodel idea out there for you. Just make sure that you choose a design that suites your home.