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Cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky is an option that cabinet restorers in that city commonly employ. A cabinet refacing is a complete new paint job, usually no larger than two feet by two feet in both size and dimension, but quite often much smaller. The term is particularly useful for paintings that reveal full-length large-scale landscapes or full-sized models at a much smaller scale, instead of a simple head or similar object painted virtually life-size. Cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky can be a very helpful solution to bring these large objects into the home.

Cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky may be necessary due to damage to the surfaces of the cabinet faces or due to normal wear and tear. If the damage is on the surface, there are several cabinet refinishing options. These include the following:

If the cabinet surfaces are in good shape, a highly-customized distressed look may provide the greatest depth of color. This distressed look consists of a thick layer of very dark or blackboard paint applied to the cabinet doors in a somewhat irregular arrangement, so that the depth of the paint is highly variable. The cabinet glaze color is simply determined by choosing the shade of a blackboard or dark color that gives the most depth. Some cabinet doors may require a different cabinet glaze color because of differences in cabinet hardware. Cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky may also be necessary if cabinet door frames have rusted or cracked paint, and if cabinet doors are peeling from the cabinet sides.

To avoid having to undertake cabinet refinishing in Louisville, Kentucky, if the cabinet doors are damaged, new cabinet doors may be the easiest and most economical solution. In order to create the new cabinet doors, the damaged ones must first be removed and then cleaned and then any necessary surface replacements. Once the damaged cabinets have been removed and cleaned, a high-quality wood stain can be used to cover them (and then another coat of primer to further protect it), and then the doors themselves can be professionally painted in a neutral, unpainted color.

Cabinet refinishing in Louisville, Kentucky, may also include the use of surface-sanding or sanding. Surface sanding involves removing the existing cabinet doors and sanding the surface to create a flat surface. This procedure is highly effective for repairing small scratches or minor dents in the doors. Once sanded, the cabinet doors can then be stained and the cabinet bodies refinished in the same, high-quality wood stain as the doors.

Some cabinet refacing projects require removal of trim, especially around the edges of cabinet doors. In this case, a heavy-duty shop vac with an attachment that has an extraction wand is often needed. The entire work area must be cleaned and sanitized before work begins so all possible sources of germs and moisture are removed. After cabinet refacing, the work can then begin on replacing cabinet doors and cabinet bodies. If the cabinet doors need to be removed and replaced because they have become obsolete, then cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky will most likely be the best option. For more details on cabinet refinishing visit

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