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Shower Replacement Prices As the heart of your shower, a shower replacement can really make or hurt the whole design of the room. And not just a fresh new shower goes a long way to enhancing the overall look of your shower, but major renovations done in this room of the house are also among the highest in terms of ROI. While a replacement might be pricier than you think, there are several ways that you can save money and still have the bathroom you always desired. You may visit this website for cheaper but solid bathroom shower replacement.



Here’s a look at several tips for doing just that. Don’t skimp on your tiles. If you’re installing a new tub, installing tile around it is a no-brainer. But even with just ceramic or porcelain tiles around your old tub, your whole bathroom redesign is going to suffer a hit if they are cracked or chipped. Don’t fall for the trap of installing cheap tiles to save a few bucks. Not only can these tiles look out of place in the midst of an otherwise gorgeous remodel, they can also cost you more in the long run by causing problems with your plumbing or tub drain.


Look for low-cost shower replacement parts. Your file may look good enough on its own, but an untinted glass tile or a cloudy shower curtain can mar the overall look of the entire room. The cheaper generic tiles may be fine for simple bathroom designs. But when it comes to something as large and complicated as a whole bathroom redesign, it’s wise to invest in high-quality products to avoid having to replace them anytime soon. If you look for high-quality tile pieces, like porcelain, you can be sure that replacing them will be hassle-free.


Think about your fixtures. You can still find simple solutions for your shower replacement needs without spending much. Try looking for free-standing, no-drill mounting systems for faucets and handles, low-profile soap dishes and shower heads, and low-water fixtures for showers. You can even get the fixtures custom-made to fit your tub and shower dimensions and requirements. With these simple solutions, you can make your bathroom remodel more cost-effective.


Invest in high-quality fixtures. Although simple showers and fixtures have their advantages, they are not good enough for long baths. If you want your baths to last long, then you need to put more effort in maintaining them. Investing in high-quality shower replacement parts will make sure that your fixtures will be able to handle years of frequent use. You’ll notice how cost-effective these fixtures are once you start enjoying the luxury of long baths.


Make your renovation a do-it-yourself project. This is probably the simplest way to get the best results from your plumbing project. However, if you are not an expert when it comes to plumbing and won’t spend time on researching and designing your shower replacement parts, then this option might not be viable for you. For this matter, hiring a professional plumber for the job will be a better choice so you can make sure that your project will be completed in record time.

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